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Alarm clock – the guts

Here’s the insides of the clock. The main black board is the led array. Mounted on top is (from left to right) custom FM receiver and RDS demodulator, class D digital audio amp, cortex M3 ARM CPU.


My new alarm clock

I decided not to make the synth, since there’s so much good stuff coming out on the iPad. So I took the bits, added a fm receiver, and made a new alarm clock.

Looks great, and does exactly what I want it to. Nice gentle wake up sequence.. Gets time from rds.

Only problem is that if there are any bugs then I’ll be late for work :)


Hardware Digital Analogue Hybrid Synth

Just about to start initial work on my next project – a proper synthesizer which will hopefully combine the reliability and flexibility of digital, but combined with rich sounding analogue stages. This will be a mix of ARM, FPGA, analogue design and woodwork!

I suspect this is going to be an epic project in more ways than one!

Beer Finder almost ready for release

My first mobile app – and I’ve targeted the often forgotten Nokia platform. Watch out for it soon on Ovi store!

New Laser!

Just replaced my broken green laser with a blueray laser – Nice!!


(Twin motor green laser + XY controlled blue laser! – 10s shot)

Relaunch Beta 4 almost ready…

Relaunch Beta 4 has been tested on both Mac and Windows, and will be released to the public shortly. I am in the process of writing a manual to explain all the different modes. Once this is done, I will make the release public!

New videos of Relaunch B4

2 new videos of Relaunch B4:

Relaunch in mixer mode:

Relaunch doing filter slides

relaunch beta 4 almost ready

Only a few loose ends to sort out for beta 4 – and then it will go for public release. OSX version will follow a little later (‘cos I have no idea how to do installers for you crazy Mac people!)


Until then, here’s a video of the current code:

Hello me!

I know it’s traditional to start with Hello World, but I doubt that many people are reading this…

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