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Relaunch Final Beta almost live..

Relaunch code is complete – V0.99 of Windows and Mac versions will go live in a day or so. All desired features have been added, and all known bugs have been fixed.

After a short period of public testing, V1.00 will be released with any required bug fixes.

Because of the delay, I’ve decided to add a personal license option for those who don’t need a commercial license, but do want MIDI sync. This will be available for £10.

Licensing will be available at the time of release, and any V0.99 licenses will of course be valid for V1.00.

Relaunch is a helper application for using a Novation Launchpad with Reason and Record.

To use this (free!) app, you must first install the LoopBe midi driver from:

Then install ReLaunch from

Finally, on Reason or Record, add the LoopBe midi interface as a generic MIDI keyboard.

Run Relaunch, and you’ll see the buttons map to the drums in ReDrum. With any luck, it will also work in Kong in Reason V5. If not, I’ll fix it when I know how!

edit: Tested working 100% with Kong

Video with more details:

Mega Mostly 90s Mash-up Mix

Mostly 90s Mega Mash Up Mix by deluded

track listing:

Track 1: Snap vs Fat Boy Slim
Track 2: Snow vs Bassheads
Track 3: FBI Project vs Estelle ft Kanye West *
Track 4: 808 State vs Utah Saintes
Track 5: Adamski ft Seal vs Wink
Track 6: Real 2 Real ft Madman Stuntman vs Subliminal Cuts

* Yes I know it’s not 90s.. I made this mix ages ago, and threw it in for good luck!

Tools used: Ableton Live, Virtual DJ, MixMeister (Track 3)

Back Catalogue

Here’s some of the ‘better’ tracks I’ve made, which I’ve rescued from MySpace..

Another Day by deluded

Reflunx by deluded

Rhythm Of Love by deluded

Chrysalis 7″ by deluded

I want U by deluded

Redroom Studios

For those who haven’t seen it – this is the business end of ‘Redroom Studios’:

Not visible is the 200W Sub woofer below the keyboard, microphone and guitar.

The famous old-skool ringtones

Apparently these ring tones I made many years ago from my collection of old dance records features quite well on google – so to make sure they don’t vanish for ever, here’s the links:

Bomb Scare (2 Bad Mice)
Trip to the Moon (Acen)
Where Love Lives (Alison Limerick)
Don’t Go (Awesome 3)
Anyone out there (Bassheads)
40 Miles (Congress)
Don’t you want me (Felix)
Sweet Harmony (Liquid)
Everybody in the Place (Prodigy)
Out of Space (Prodigy)
Dominator (Rave til Dawn)
I Like To Move It (Real 2 Real)
Sesames Treat (Smart E’s)
Far Out (Sonds of a Loop da Loop Era)
Le Voie le Soleil (Subliminal Cuts)
Give It Up (Goodmen)
We are Hardcore (The House Crew)
What can you do for me (Utah Saints)
Come With Me (Altern8)
A Juicy Red Apple is Nice (Skin Up)
Celebration Generation (Westbam)

Hopefully non of the original artists will object – I can’t see them loosing out on any massive royalties here!

All samples have had the bass cut so as not to overload a little puny mobile phone speaker. Save them to your desktop and then copy to you mobile.

Drop the Bomb remix

This is my failed entry to the Myagi remix competition (

Not my best bit of work – but wasn’t a big fan of the original so got board of it quite quickly.

DropTheBomb – kitchen sink mk2 by deluded

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