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Relaunch beta 5 getting closer

Here’s a screen grab of the current version, with added ‘Resync’ window:


Here’s an example output. The tracks are:

Drums: Done in Kong using Relaunch drum pad mode

Bell: Recorded from MicroKorg XL, quantised, exported as Midi, then re-recorded using Relaunch

Warbly pad: Recorded from MicroKorg XL with midi sync active, so LFO is in sync with Record.

Bass: Recorded from MicroKorg XL, quantised, exported as Midi, then re-recorded using Relaunch


Relaunch test by deluded

Something very special for Relaunch

Some said that it wasn’t possible…

Some still said it wasn’t possible after I announced it!

But the fact is, Relaunch will be able to synchronise external devices to Reason and Record!


Midi clock allows you to synchronise synthesizers and sequencers to the Reason / Record clock. So all you arpeggios will play in perfect sync, ready to record as audio files.

Midi file playback allows you playback a midi file saved from Reason / Record to any external midi device you want!! This is the closest you’re going to get to midi out until the Propellerheads give in to public demand.


Picture this:

You have a great sounding patch on your hardware synth that you want to play, so you record it, and the timing is all over the place.

So, you record the midi instead of the audio. Apply quantize and groove, then export the midi file.

You load the midi file into Relaunch. When you hit play, your synth line will now play through your synth with perfect timing. Just record the audio and you’re sorted!


There’s a few more interesting add-ons for Relaunch that I will announce soon!

Relaunch Beta 4 now available

Relaunch beta 4 is now available for public use.

Please note that Relaunch is free for non-commercial use. Please refer to manual for obtaining a license for commercial use.

Download the manual first for installation instructions!


Manual: Relaunch Manual

Windows Setup: Setup.exe

Mac OSX: Disk Image (updated for 10.5)

New Laser!

Just replaced my broken green laser with a blueray laser – Nice!!


(Twin motor green laser + XY controlled blue laser! – 10s shot)

Relaunch Beta 4 almost ready…

Relaunch Beta 4 has been tested on both Mac and Windows, and will be released to the public shortly. I am in the process of writing a manual to explain all the different modes. Once this is done, I will make the release public!

New videos of Relaunch B4

2 new videos of Relaunch B4:

Relaunch in mixer mode:

Relaunch doing filter slides

Yeah – Reason 5 is in the post!

I’ve decided to hold off on Relaunch beta 4 until I can test with the released version of reason 5, although I don’t expect any differences between that and the RC, except hopefully some more Dr.OctoRex patches to play with!

All Reason / Record instruments are now mapped and Relaunch will swap modes automatically when changing instrument, so no messing around with the GUI any more.

And yes, beta 5 will be released for both Windows and OSX :)

relaunch beta 4 almost ready

Only a few loose ends to sort out for beta 4 – and then it will go for public release. OSX version will follow a little later (‘cos I have no idea how to do installers for you crazy Mac people!)


Until then, here’s a video of the current code:

ReLaunch Beta 3

Minor fixes to installer (removes requirement for .NET4).
Added icon.

Rest is the same as beta 2.

EDIT – see newer version at

ReLaunch has been updated to beta 2 to support Reason 5, and is now available at

ReLaunch is an application to make Novation LaunchPad work nicely with Propellerheads Reason and Record.

New features:

  • Support for 4 different ReDrum or Kong devices
  • Play, Stop, Record buttons
  • Volume control of ReDrum / Kong Pads
  • Ableton style mode for up to 8 Dr.OctoRex devices
  • Mixed mode for 4 x Dr.OctoRex and 2 x Kong
  • Please read the installation instructions in the zip file.

    ReLaunch in mixed mode

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